Back in 2006, a small group of 3 creative people decided that they wanted to add a little colour to life.
So they started designing their own series of gifts for their friends. These fun little gifts were designed creatively to be stylish, colourful & unique. Their gifts soon became very popular and found their way to be distributed to bigger markets.
“Jeez” was born
with the tagline
based on their passion
Today, Jeez is well known around the world with distributions all around Asia. They can be found mostly in major shopping malls around major world cities. Jeez products feature modern living themes and highlight elements of current world issues with a touch of humour and fun.
Since its inception, the brand has had the opportunity to collaborate with other brands and has seen its popularity spread worldwide. But even with all its evolutions, the Jeez brand has never forgot its initial dream of creating happiness. Till today, Jeez designers craft products with the purpose of making life special and spreading joy and smiles through gifts.